In an effort to fight rape culture, the annual SlutWalk will take to the streets of Chicago this weekend, demonstrating solidarity and support to victims of sexually assault.

Home to the longest-running event in the United States, Chicago’s SlutWalk is aimed at ending “our culture’s toxic policing of sexuality,” with attendees encouraged to sing, share stories and listen to speakers at the event.

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“We welcome all people to Lake Shore Park for a demonstration of resilience and solidarity in the face of the poisonous nature of patriarchy, the increasing inaccessibility of reproductive healthcare, violence against sex workers and trans people, and the carceral police state that upholds all these things,” organizers provided in a news release.

While the focus of the event is on fighting rape culture and showing support for victims of sexual assault, SlutWalk also provides support for people who are trans, queer and act as sex workers while speaking out against racism, sexism and other issues.

400 people are expected to be in attendance starting noon Saturday at Lake Shore Park, 808 N. Lake Shore Drive, when the event begins.

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