?To go [Wednesday] is out of respect to the Ricketts family and to the office and the building itself,? Maddon said. ?Listen, I like the United States a lot. I like living here a lot. I like everything that it that it represents a lot. When you get a chance as a citizen to get to go to the White House, you go.

Maddon continued with a message on tolerance and respect:

?And whether you like that person that?s running the country or not, out of respect to the office itself you go. I don?t agree with all the other banter that?s going on right now because I have a different perspective. I would much prefer living here than some of the other places that adopt different methods of government. I think sometimes that gets confused when people want to take a stand [without] realizing actually what we have here, which is a lot better than most everyplace else.?


Anthony Rizzo had similar comments on the visit:

?I?m going because it?s the United States of America, and I?d rather not (be) anywhere else but this country. There?s no political ties. It?s the White House.?

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