Have you been daydreaming about Steak n Shake lately? Well, daydream no more friends.

According to a WGN report, Chicago is (allegedly) slated to get the first ever Steak n’ Shake in the city and I am already drooling.

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According to West Side Alderman Patrick Thompson in a post to his Facebook page this week, the late-night eatery will be “Coming soon to Halsted and Maxwell.”

According to the Eater, the chain is interested in the space at 1322 S. Halsted Street where a Jamba Juice once laid its roots in University Village.

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If you are a suburban of Chi-town, this may not be big news for you as the chain has many locations around the surrounding area but none in the city of Chicago.

Waiting is hard. I may just have to take a trip out to the burbs to get a Steak n’Shake fix. #stilldrooling

Chicago is about to potentially get it’s first ever Steak n’ Shake Image Via Twitter