Clothing brand owned by Chicago teens is helping Hurricane Harvey survivors

In this photo taken Sept. 1, 2017 in Crosby, Texas, across the San Jacinto River from Houston, Rafael Casas tours his storm ravaged house in a small working-class neighborhood that sits between two Superfund sites, French LTD and the Sikes Disposal Pits. The area was wrecked by Harvey’s floods. (AP Photo/Jason Dearen)

A clothing brand run by three young Chicagoans is pitching in to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Allegiance Brand & Co. “pledges allegiance to [their] youth,” and now they’re pledging part of their proceeds to survivors.

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“Seeing the destruction from photos on social media, we knew we had to do something,” one of the Allegiance founders told the Chicago Tribune. The three founders of the company are ages 15, 15 and 17.

They say on their website that their releases have been overwhelmingly successful, and now they’re sharing their success with others.

They warn on Twitter that the collections sell out quickly, so don’t wait to purchase if you’re interested.

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