Cop murderer claims he was tortured to confess by Jon Burge years ago YouTube | City Council
YouTube | City Council

At a hearing on Tuesday, a convicted cop killer was on the stand to determine whether or not he could be re-tried in the 1982 killings of two Chicago police officers.

According to an abc7 report, he was not in court but the presence of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge could be felt as a now 57-year-old Jackie Wilson took to the stand in a continuing hearing that will determine whether Wilson can be retried.

According to the news outlet, Wilson was arrested along with his brother Andrew, in connection with the murders. Wilson goes on to say his confession was forced out of him and that Burge, along with three others tortured him.

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“Anytime I didn’t answer their questions, told them I didn’t know anything about it,” said Wilson, according to the news outlet. “they continued doing what they wanted to do.”

The news outlet reported that Tuesday’s hearing continued from December 27, showing Wilson being questioned by Special Prosecutor Michael O’Rourke, who grew increasingly irritated as he recounted his alleged interrogation which included Sgt. Thomas McKenna, Detective Patrick O’Hara as well as Burge.

“They beat me over the head with dictionaries (phone books). Stuffed a gun in my mouth and then hit me with electric shocks,” interrupted Wilson, as O’Rourke questioned him, the outlet reports. Wilson then apologized to the judge saying, “It’s upsetting Judge. I’m sorry. But it’s upsetting. I’m reliving it.”

The news outlet reports that at the time of Wilson’s arrest as well as confession, he admitted to being with his brother when Andrew Wilson shot and killed Richard O’Brein and William Fahey. Wilson now is saying he only admitted that out of fear he would be killed, according to the news outlet.

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According to the news outlet, O’Rourke, a private attorney hired by Cook County to deal with cases related to the Jon Burge era, admits to Burge’s and others’ wrongdoing in other cases but denies that Wilson’s confession was forced.

Wilson’s hearing is expected to continue until the spring according to the news outlet, and when that time comes, a judge will issue his decision.

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