Costco is introducing a new food court item and serving it up “Chicago-style,” but does anyone know what that means?

This April 2016 photo shows a grilled cheeseburger in Concord, N.H. Consider a cast-iron grill platter, a thick, flat sheet of cast iron, to grill up the perfect summer burger. (AP Photo/J.M. Hirsch)

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Even picky eaters love Costco’s $1.50 hotdogs, especially with prices that rarely change.

But the world’s most infamous bargain hotdog may to have to move over for a new Costco item on the menu.

That’s right, if you had plans for Saturday or Sunday shopping, Costco could be just the place to stop in and grab a bite of the newest addition to their food court lineup:

A “Chicago-style” burger is set to hit their food counter this weekend.

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The 1/3 pound burger is described by the chain as being “an organic beef patty, topped with romaine lettuce, smoked Thousand Island dressing, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, all placed between fluffy, sweet Chicago-style buns,” according to SFGate.

Some are a little stunned by the addition and seem hesitant to try the burger, questioning what exactly makes it “Chicago-style,” particularly, the “fluffy, sweet” buns of the burger.

Costco responded to these questions, clarifying the term “Chicago-style” as is simply a lighter version of challah.

However, Chicagoans are confused by this answer, with some people still disagreeing over the label.

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Perhaps Chicagoans will have to taste and see for themselves.

What do you think?

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