Coyote viciously attacks 15 year old dog in Northfield

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Chicago Tribune, reported on the story of a local dog who is lucky to be alive.

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Boozer, a 15 year old Cairn Terrier, is expected to make a full recovery after a backyard coyote attack that was caught on tape Wednesday.

Only weighing 14-pounds, the innocent cairn terrier had just stepped outside into the backyard of Vicky and Barnaby Dinges’ Northfield home when a coyote came running by.

“My wife and I were actually on the phone and literally within seconds a coyote that had been in our backyard, but we hadn’t seen, pounced on Boozer,” Barnaby Dinges said in a phone interview to NBC News.

It happened so fast: just moments after Boozer stepped outside, the coyote rushed in and circled around him briefly before lunging himself in and clamping down on Boozer’s head, dragging the tiny dog around the yard.

The attack lasts only about eight seconds and was captured on the couple’s home surveillance camera. They told WMAQ-TV they only decided to share the tape because Boozer is making a complete recovery from a series of injuries – including a sizable gash on his face that needed to be stapled closed.

Vicky Dinges ran out of their Northfield home screaming, and the coyote ran from the backyard. They told CBS 6 News:

“Literally we’re on the phone and she just screams, ‘Oh my God.’ I think she drops the phone. And I didn’t know what was going on,” Barnaby said. “I looked at this camera. And i just couldn’t believe it. The coyote just came out of nowhere.”

Boozer suffered several injuries, including a deep gash to his head that required staples and a “gouge” mark on his eye. He’s shaken but will be okay. Dinges says the tough terrier should make a full recovery, and he’s up to date on his shots.

“You look at that video and he is flatfooted in his backyard and minding his business and a very aggressive coyote came out of nowhere,” Barnaby Dinges told the station.

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Coyote sightings in the Chicago area are not unheard of, as experts say sightings often increase during the winter months, when young coyotes are searching for mates and territory. The Dinges warned other pet-owners to be aware of the danger from coyotes that are getting increasingly comfortable roaming the suburbs.

“I think this video shows… in ten or fifteen seconds your family pet can be gone forever,” Dinges said.

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