Cryptic dollheads are haunting Chicago’s streets just in time for Halloween Screenshot from @jtrevenen Instagram

If you’ve been wandering around Wicker Park or Bucktown lately and have been freaked out by the site of decapitated doll heads popping up near the highway, you’re not alone.

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The dollheads are certainly more disconcerting than the calming peaks of mountains that have been spotted around the city.

Andrea Cordts, a public relations account manager, wrote to DNAinfo about the dollheads. “I’m legitimately concerned by the multiplying doll heads tacked up around Wicker Park and Bucktown.”

The dollheads have been seen at the Armitage exit along the Kennedy Expressway and along August Boulevard in West Town.

Strangely, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. Chicago artists have had a fascination with doll heads for awhile.

Anyone who frequents the Empty Bottle has definitely seen the array of dollheads collected on the wall. Guthrie’s in Wrigleyville also has a ceiling panel with 77 dollheads.

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A couple people have also mentioned a car that used to drive around the city with doll parts all over it.

Then again, this may not just be a Chicago phenomenon as dollheads were spotted around Denver last year as well.

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So what’s the deal? Innocuous street art? Lazy John Wayne Gacy impersonater? We may never know.