CTA talks about spiking fares, protesters speak out

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Videos by Rare

During a Tuesday CTA board meeting, protestors were angry that the CTA spoke of raising fares for the first time in almost a decade.

According to a WGN-TV report, the CTA reported $33 million in state budget cuts have left the agency with no other choice. The price spike would be the first fare increase in almost a decade — eight years to be exact.

On Tuesday, the news outlet reported protesters called the spikes an attack on the poor.

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According to the CTA, the price spikes are a necessity if they are the balance the books and not cut services. The CTA also pointed the finger to state budget cuts for the increase in fare.

The RTA, who oversees Chicagoland transit agencies, has pleaded for the CTA to increase their prices to avoid having to make any cuts, according to WGN-TV.

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Rahm has been reported saying any cuts in service would be completely unacceptable, according to the news outlet but the increase is not being reflected in either Metra and/or Pace.

If fares were to increase, fares for buses and trains would go up 25 cents each. The cost of a monthly transit pass would go up by $5 and the price for a ride on the Blue Line to get home from O’Hare Airport will remain at $5, according to the WGN report.

According to the news outlet, the vote will be held this Wednesday by the full CTA board and if approved, the fares changes would go into effect January 17.

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