The Cubs clap back at Wisconsin’s pre-sale ticket promotions

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As Spring Training gets closer with each day for Major League Baseball, pitcher and catchers alike report there are still some major free agents on the market.

And as you can imagine, this may lead to a rivalry of sorts…

According to 12UP, the Brewers really don’t want Cubs fans in their neck of the woods – speaking of rivalry – and it may or may not have led to some trolling from the Cubbies…

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As it a quick trip from Chi-town to Milwaukee, some Cubs fans are willing and able to make their way to see the rivalry series. And according to 12UP, Milwaukee is offering a Wisconsin resident pre-sale for all Cubs games to provide a home-field advantage.

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And so our Cubbies did what our Cubbies did best – they went above and beyond.

Well, okay – more like, they did some free advertising/light trolling and let everyone know that anybody can buy Cubs tickets starting on Feb. 23rd.

Go, Cubs go.

In other news, Darvish just signed a six-year deal with the Cubs. Scroll on below to learn more – courtesy of MLB.

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