David Ross wished Kris Bryant a happy birthday with…the wrong pair of socks?

Kris Bryant doesn’t necessarily need the occasion of his birthday to have a reason to celebrate.

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He has won an MVP award and a World Series; he once slugged 1.045 over a full season in high school; he is co-owner of his own small business. His life might as well be an endless celebration of greatness.

His teammates value him the same way, but when one of his former teammates took to Twitter to wish him a good one, the Internet lost it.

Former Cubs catcher David Ross was simply trying to wish his former teammate Kris Bryant, “happy birthday.” In honor of the Cubs third baseman’s 26th birthday on Thursday, Ross wore Cubs-themed socks with Kris’s name across the top but he overlooked one minor detail.

His feet spell Bryant, Kris. Which means David Ross put his socks on the wrong feet. Apparently, this was reason enough for the tweet to go viral. It got people on Twitter, legitimately mad.

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It’s a harmless gesture, sort of cute, but as the runner-up on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” last year, one would think Ross would know his right from his left.

What do you think?

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