Deon Cole from “Black-ish” surprised a bunch of Chicagoans and paid for their groceries AP Photo/Jeff Barnard
AP Photo/Jeff Barnard

Actor and comedian Deon Cole stopped by two Chicago area grocery stores not just to grab milk and cookies — but to pay for people’s groceries.

According to WGN, Cole visited the Jewel-Osco in Homewood, Ill. as well as the one on 95th Street AND Stony Island in the city’s South Side this past Wednesday to give back to random customers by paying for their goods.

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The actor is known for his role on “Black-ish.”

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Twitter responded in kind with Anita Lee commenting under the post “This is so kind of you!” while Loren Weddington said “You are awesome just that simple.”

Talk about paying it forward! This holiday season, maybe paying for someone’s groceries is not in your budget but consider paying for someone’s coffee or fast food order. Or who knows, maybe you will be the one that gets your goods paid for in full. #seasonofgiving #payitforward #inspire

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