Don’t feel like cooking? These Chicago restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving

This Oct. 12, 2015, photo shows a roasted Thanksgiving turkey in Concord, N.H. Regardless of how you cook the turkey, experts say to make sure you let it sit, undisturbed, on a cutting board or platter for at least 30 minutes before carving. This allows the bird to finish cooking more gently and reabsorb all of its juices, producing moist meat. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

While some people think everyone deserves the day off work on Thanksgiving, a lot of restaurants will still be open in Chicago and the suburbs.

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Whether the idea of cooking is too hectic, or you’re looking to relax, or maybe your remembering the culinary disasters of years past (be honest), the variety of restaurants open in Chicago on Thanksgiving are sure to satisfy any cravings you may have on Thursday.

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On what will sure to be an already busy day across the city, it’s best not to wait until the last minute to decide where to eat. Make a reservation on Open Table to secure a spot at over 150 restaurants that will be open in Chicagoland on Thanksgiving Day.

Planning on attending the Thanksgiving Parade on State Street in the Loop? There will be plenty of dining options downtown to hit up after the festivities.

If you feel like doing a deep dive ahead of time and knowing what exactly is on the menu, NBC Chicago has a great rundown of 66 restaurants that will be open and some of which have fantastic specials.

Some places are doing a la carte ordering, some have buffet style, and some have a prix fixe menu. If you have the whole family going, some offer cheaper options for the young ones and a couple are offering free meals for children under a certain age.

If that list is too large to scope out, the Chicago Tribune has narrowed down a list of six restaurants, most of which have Thanksgiving themed specials. Bub City has a “Thanksgiving To Go” option and the “Thanksgiving On a Bun” sandwich at Jake Melnick’s looks absolutely delicious (if not a little intimidating).

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Wherever you end up, remember that this time of year is always extra busy for restaurants and can be a major source of stress for service industry workers. Make sure to be generous with both your actions and your wallet this holiday season.

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