Driver shot while trying to deliver pizza early Tuesday morning

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A little bit after 1 AM on Tuesday morning, a pizza delivery driver was taking an order to a customer near 69th and Indiana in the Park Manor neighborhood.

Two men tried to pay for the pizza with a $100 bill, which the 58-year-old driver believed to be fake, according to the Chicago Tribune. The driver refused to give the men their pizza and an argument ensued.

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The two customers then opened fire at the driver while he was sitting in his car. He was shot in the arm and was taken by an ambulance to Stroger Hospital where he is in good condition.

The delivery driver’s red sedan had a bullet hole through the back window. There have been no arrests made nor any description of the suspects.

This was one of multiple shootings from Monday into Tuesday.

On Monday night, one 14-year-old shot another 14-year-old in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The two were described as friends and it may have been an accident. But the one who had the gun said to the other “give me your phone” before shooting him in the arm according to a police report.

The shooter then ran off and also accidentally shot himself in the leg. Police later found the gun thrown in the snow.

Both boys were taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in good condition.

Two others were shot around the city as well but nobody was killed.

According to the latest data, shootings and homicides have decreased in year-to-date totals from this time last year and in 2016.

Through February 11th in 2016, 79 people were killed in Chicago. In that same period in 2017, that number was 72. This year, that number has decreased to 57, which is heading in the right direction, but still not nearly as low as the numbers from 2009-2015.

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While the downward trend in homicides is encouraging, police have focused in the drastic uptick in carjackings around the city and suburbs.

They have recently met up with agents in the FBI, ATF, and other local and national officials to create new tactics, procedures, and possibly laws to combat the problem.

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