“I ran those streets of Chicago,” says an ex-gang member as he opens his interesting video. “I changed my life, but I kind of want to make people aware of some things that you don’t know, because you’ve never really been out there and you wouldn’t know it.”

The video, originally released in 2016 but making the rounds again on YouTube, is primarily accuses the government of dropping crates of guns off in Chicago since the 1990s in a conspiracy to arrest specific people living in specific communities.

Having received nearly 4,000 views, most comments reveal that viewers don’t seem to believe the video’s creator as he tells stories of how he and other gang member would frequently find a box of gun lying in the street in the earliest hours of the day.

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“Myself for a fact, and several others that I ran with know this to be the truth,” the unidentified man says. “Growing up in Chicago in the early ’90s, this same situation was happening…where a person came into my house and knocked on the door and come to get me early in the morning and said ‘c’mon man, there’s a crate of guns in the alley.’ I got out there and sure enough, there was a crate of guns.”

He goes on to say these crates were filled with fully automatic weapons and extended magazines, saying they were only being left in the most urban areas of Chicago. The ex-gang member lists Inglewood, 55th and other communities known for gun violence saying this is an attack on the vulnerable or, a “strategic plan.”

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The ex-gang member says he has seen this happen twice in his life listing 1990 and 1999 as the years that he found a crate full of weapons lying around. He says the government’s motive is to keep the cycle going, calling it a “business” for them and saying gun control is failing because they continue to cycle violent guns into the city.

“My point to you is yeah, we can’t try to make an excuse for the kids out there shooting, and it isn’t all kids, but I want you to look at the bigger picture,” he says. “Where are they getting the guns from? They got guns that they can’t control…letting off a hundred shots in a minute. These guns are not being bought, so where are they getting these guns? That’s the question, and I’m telling you right now, they’ve been dropping the guns off in crates for years.”

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