Fake airplane loan scheme by two Chicago brothers causes conviction

AP Photo/John Mone

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Two brothers were reported convicted in a federal court of using stolen identities to obtain close to $2 million in fraudulent airplane loans from several banks across the country…

According to a Chicago Tribune report, Ryan Miller and Dusten James Miller were convicted in U.S. District Court in Worcester on Tuesday of bank fraud, money laundering and identity theft-related charges.

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Prosecutors say the Chicago brothers used the identities of other people as well as doctored documents to obtain loans, including a nearly $400,000 loan from Worcester-based Commerce Bank.

According to authorities, they then laundered the money through shell companies, using it to buy luxury cars and other high-end items.

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The pair represented themselves in court, questioning some of the evidence as well as argued technicalities.

The brothers are scheduled to be sentenced May 9.

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