Fat Rice and Cards Against Humanity create huge fortune cookies


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The Lunar New Year begins on Feb. 16 and Fat Rice along with Cards Against Humanity will create huge fortune cookies for the occasion for not just the Chinese New Year, but for Valentine’s Day.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the award-winning Logan Square restaurant will offer huge, chocolate-dipped, hand-decorated cookies that serve four to eight people and stuffed with a fortune written by none other than the people at Cards Against Humanity.

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“Today, you will meet the love of your life. Or maybe not. I’m just a cookie,” reads one fortune revealed by Adrienne Lo. Fat Rice co-owner. “Max has been a supporter of the restaurant for a long time,” regarding Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin. “We called him up about doing this, and he sent us about 100 fortunes, which we’re printing out then stuffing in the cookies.” the news outlet reported.

“Some are more risque than others,” she said to the Tribune.

But it’s not just the fortunes that will be created in honor of the Year of the Dog but also a foo dog-shaped mashup of mooncakes and Taiwanese pineapple cakes, crafted by pastry chef Elaine Townsend – according to the Tribune.

“They’re kind of like Fig Newtons,” said Townsend to the news outlet. “With that molasses, brown sugar pastry on the outside, and inside there’s a mango pineapple jam.”

Traditionally, mooncakes are given during Mid-Autumn Festival but can be found in some Chinese bakeries year-round, according to the news outlet. And the foo dogs? They are actually guardian lions.

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While supplies last, the special items will be available Feb. 13 to 25 the Tribune reports. The Fortune Cookies Against Humanity are $18.88 each while a foo dogs box with two cakes is $8.88. Why the odd cents you ask? According to Chinese culture, the number 18.8 is lucky as it sounds like the word that means “wealth” in many dialects.

According to the news outlet, the fortune cookies will be served with red velvet ice cream at the Meet Me in The Ladies’ Room seafood event inside the cocktail lounge at Fat Rice.

To learn more about Fat Rice at 2957 W. Diversey Ave., visit their website here. To make your reservations today, call 773-661-9170.

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