After flames engulf house, family realizes they left friend behind

Photo by Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Last week a fire engulfed a house on Chicago’s South Side at the 6400 block of South Peoria on Wednesday night and needless to say, it shook the humans inside that house.

No one was injured, every human was accounted for but they owners of the house were startled when they found that their favorite pet was left behind.

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As the family can be seen nervously watching their home fall to pieces, they were thankful to be alive but a part of their family was missing..

That was until out of the smoke, a brave firefighter emerged from the burning house with the family cat in hand.

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The cat was alive and according to the team, in good condition. The cat seemed very happy to be back in the arms of the very relieved, very grateful owner.

For homeowners and renters everywhere, be sure to invest in these free decal stickers to notify personnel that you are a pet owner and want your animals rescued in the event of a cat-astrophe. Pun intended.

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