Found guilty on 13 counts, the leader of a Chicago drug empire is finally facing almost 40 years in prison for his crimes AP Photo/Peter Dejong
A man is handcuffed after being detained by Dutch police during pro and anti immigration protests in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016. Thousands of people took part in protests against Islam and immigration in several European cities. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported the leader of a Chicago drug empire is facing 37 years in prison.

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According to the Justice Department, David Price was found guilty in 2014 of all charges against him for directing a six-year conspiracy to distribute heroin on Chicago?s west side, convicted on 13 counts of conspiracy, money laundering and weapons counts.

On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced him to 37 years in prison.

As of late, Chicago’s heroin problem are national news – a problem growing over several years.

The Illinois Drug Policy Consortium released staggering study results concluding Chicago?s treatment admission for heroin was more than twice the national average in 2012.

In fact, the entire state of Illinois weighs in above average, with a ?statically significant increase? in drug overdose deaths from 2014-2015, according to the Center for Disease Control and Infection.

In 2014, more people died in Illinois from an opioid drug overdose than from car accidents or homicide.

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