Thursday through Friday, city to get 5-9 inches of winter storm snow AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Despite the winds gradually falling down and moving to the east, a strong level pressure system is developing in the Canadian Rockies that will move southeast, impacting the Chicago area.

According to a WGN report, there will be a Winter Storm Watch.

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Those in the path of the Winter Storm Watch, which calls for 5 to 9-inches of snow on Thursday evening through Friday afternoon/evening, are those in the blue-shaded counties on the highlighted map below, according to the news outlet.

The anticipated heaviest snow band being along as well as north of Interstate-80 while lesser amounts of snow are expected farther south, according to WGN.

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Later Thursday afternoon, snow is expected to spread from the west with an extended period of snowfall to continue Thursday night as well as Friday morning, gradually ending from the west Friday afternoon/evening according to the news outlet.

The last part of the area to clear Friday evening according to WGN looks to be Chicago south and east into northwest Indiana.


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