Get ready to live at the movies, Regal Cinemas is now serving Cheetos popcorn

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Videos by Rare

The holidays is the time of the year when we spend quality time with our families. That being, we all sit forcefully quieted at a movie theater, so that it’s peaceful you know?

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The movies have long become a tradition of the holiday season, especially with Oscar worthy performances that wait until the last minute. The holidays are ripe for a movie theater crawl, allegiance to a theater chain usually depends on proximity and ticket price, but Regal Cinemas just announced something that’ll swing you their way.

Regal Cinemas has given us something of a holiday miracle: Cheetos popcorn. Yep, you read that right.

Starting December 15, Regal Cinemas all across the country will be selling the heavenly combo of airy snackery and cheesy puffery deliciousness to the comfort of your movie watching experience.

The product itself will be a mix of Cheetos-flavored popcorn and actual Crunchy Cheetos, which sounds way more filling than regular popcorn. Sounds like you may want to consider bringing plastic gloves.

Sports fans will recognize the product, Cheetos Popcorn has been available before, but this movie theater debut mark the product’s first rollout for a national audience.

Sean Mathews, director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America said in a statement:

“We’re excited to give moviegoers a chance to experience Cheetos in an unexpected and delicious new way through our first national theater partnership. Cheetos and popcorn are the ultimate movie snack combination, and Regal Cinemas is the perfect partner to launch Cheetos Popcorn nationally.”

Meanwhile, Regal is touting the new snack as an early present. John Curry, senior vice-president of foodservice, Regal Cinemas said in his own statement:

“Cheetos Popcorn is our gift to Regal fans enjoying their favorite movie this holiday season. We are thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Cheetos to deliver blockbuster snack choices to moviegoers.”

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But don’t worry, this isn’t Starbucks, this isn’t a limited item you only have one day to get. Frito-Lay says that Cheetos Popcorn won’t be going anywhere in 2018. Riding on the hopes of it’s popularity, the cheesy snack will be around indefinitely. So off to the movies we go!

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