Goodman’s actress who plays Tiny Tim , reflects on battle with cancer Facebook

The Goodman Theater provides Chicago with one of its holiday staples – A Christmas Carol. A story that has gone on for 40 years, a story that stays constant with both actors and actresses passing through, telling its tale…

One actress, though she but little, is fierce — shared a story with CBS News that aligns with what Christmas is truly about. Paris Strickland is ten years old and is the first girl to ever be cast in the role of Tiny Tim in the Goodman’s production of A Christmas Carol, according to the news outlet. And Strickland is a natural in the role as, in a way, she lived Tiny Tim’s life…

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According to CBS, when Paris was only nine days old — she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly form of childhood cancer. Paris’s parents said they were told she would not live after being was born. But Paris continued on, after birth and onwards — with four surgeries and hundreds of doses of chemotherapy later, according to the news outlet.

But Paris’s cancer continued to come back, again and again for three years. Eventually, Paris’ scans showed no more evidence of the disease. Though, it had left its mark on Paris. She is more petite than most of the other children her age as the tumor had wrapped around her spine — she now walks with a limp, according to CBS.

When Paris was asked by CBS reporter Lee Cowan how her battle with cancer helped her on-stage performance, she responded with…

“It helps me that I’m not the only one out there that has gone through all this,” Paris replied. “If I looked back to Tiny Tim, he was sick, but he got through all of it. And I was sick and I got through all of it. And I like to put what happened in the past behind me, sometimes use it to move forward.”

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At Paris’ home, when celebrating Christmas- both Paris and her little sister, London, get a new ornament for the tree, according to the news outlet. This year’s ornament? Tiny Tim. When asked by Cowan what Paris wanted people to take away from the show, Paris answered with…

“I want them to think that if I can battle cancer, they can truly do anything, and that they should love Christmas and cherish all those memories,” Paris said.

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