Potential Google deal could bring thousands of jobs to Chicago AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

It is not quite at the magnitude of Amazon’s HQ2 deal but Chicago is (rumored) to be in the race to win over Google and bring home potentially thousands of jobs and new offices.

According to Curbed Chicago, the company is seeking a new, non-West Coast operations center that could provide up to 5,000 jobs according to a Crain’s report by Greg Hinz.

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According to Curbed, both officials from Google and City Hall did not comment in the report but sources informed Hinz that the company is attracted to Chicago’s generally low cost of living as well as the highly-educated talent pool that has yet to be tapped into by tech competitors.

Boston, Dallas and Atlanta are also rumored to be under consideration, according to the Curbed report.

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And if you’re wondering where the Google center might land in Chi-town, well – that hasn’t quite been decided yet.

Google already employs 800+ workers at its offices at 1K Fulton, according to Curbed, so an area around the Fulton Market District does not seem out of the realm of possibility.

If you’re looking to work for Google, we have included a video below to get an insider scoop on how they hire, courtesy of Life at Google.

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