This Grandma and Granddaughter are graduating college together and it’s the feel good story of the season

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It’s one feat for a grandmother graduates from college – but it’s another when your grandmother graduates with her own granddaughter too.

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At Chicago State University, graduation day came for both Karea Berry at 25-years-old and Belinda Berry, grandmother, at 62-years-old according to a Fox4 report.

“I feel very proud of my granddaughter because my granddaughter excelled,” Belinda told the news outlet.

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Both women live in Englewood and were among hundreds of Chicago State students who received diplomas. Belinda worked for a degree in business and Karea, a degree in criminal justice according to Fox4.

“We didn’t know we were going to finish together because I was fulltime and she was part time. And it actually just worked out that way. I just say it was God’s will,” Karea said to the news outlet.

According to Fox4, Karea is a mom of a four-year-old girl and worked as a security guard while going to night classes for her degree. Her grandmother worked in a hospital office for many years but decided to go back to school because she wants to open a business of her own.

“I am very honored to be a role model. And I hope I am an inspiration to the young as well as the old, because it’s never too late to pursue an education,” Belinda said to the news outlet.

The two call their GPA’s a “friendly competition with Belinda graduating magna cum laude with a 3.8 GPA and her granddaughter at 3.4 according to Fox4.

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The news outlet reports this isn’t the end of the story in regards to schooling for both parties as they plan to pursue master’s degrees.

“It’s a wonderful story. And it speaks to what Chicago State does best. And that is respond to students who are just leaving high school as well as students who want to come back and earn a degree,” said the CSU interim president, Dr. Rachel Lindsey to Fox4.

Karea shared with the news outlet that the double-graduation inforces what her grandmother taught her while growing up.

“That education is the key to success. That’s her motto of life. She just always said you have to persevere through all of your challenges and you will receive what you need to receive. And that’s what’s happening to us today,” Karea said to Fox4.

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