Greyhound passengers allegedly threatened to be shot by deported man

This past Friday night, a Chicago man who was in the country illegally, reportedly made threats while on a Greyhound bus as well as initiated a police chase on I-94 and is now facing charges.

According to WGN, the 33-year old Margarito Vargas-Rosas was arrested and could be potentially charged with Making Terroristic Threats, a felony, as well as disorderly conduct. The news outlet reports that the police responded to a 911 call on Friday night around 9:40 p.m. made by a passenger aboard the Greyhound bus. The caller according to WGN, told the police that the man on the bus was threatening to shoot people.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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According to the news outlet and police, many witnesses told police they heard an argument between Vargas-Rosas and another passenger and then Vargas-Rosas proceeded to make threats to kill “everyone on the bus” while allegedly making a motion to his waistband, insinuating he was removing a gun.

According to the news outlet, the Racine County Sheriffs attempted to pull the bus over on I-94 near Hwy 20 but the but continued to drive southbound. Close to two dozen officers from multiple police agencies in Wisconsin then proceeded da pursuit that lasted 17 miles into Illinois, according to WGN.

Just after the Illinois border, the bus eventually stopped after it hit spike strips put out by Kane County authorities. According to the news outlet, law enforcement thought it was a hi-jacking but the driver said he didn’t stop right away because he thought the cops were chasing someone else or that this was a training exercise. The driver said he was not being threatened according to the news outlet.

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According to police and the news outlet, all 36 passengers were removed from the bus and the suspect was taken into custody without incident and no injuries were reported. Police said once Vargas-Rosas was in custody, he continued threatening his officer’s lives.

WGN reported that no firearms have been found and police report that Vargas-Rosas was deported to Mexico back in 2012 but he currently resides in Chicago.

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