Theo Epstein is hinting that Bryce Harper might be coming to the Windy City sooner than we think

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Videos by Rare

As the Winter Meetings begin, we are all still hung up on the Giancarlo Stanton trade to the New York Yankees and need some good news.

According to 12UP, Staton listed four team he would accept a trade to. Can you guess who was on that list? None other than THE Chicago Cubs, of course. GM Theo Epstein was asked in Orlando if he negotiated trade discussions with the Marlins for the reigning NL MVP.

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And while answering questions, it seemed like Epstein hinted at the future…

Who comes to mind when he says “the right one for us at the time,”-? According to the publication, they suggest the top ranking name on the 2018 free agency class: Washington Nationals star outfielder Bryce Harper.

It is no secret adding a Harper to the roster would be a dream come true but as expected, it would cost a pretty penny. Harper’s agent, Scott Boras has repeatedly stated the top ranking free agent would only sign a $400-500 million contract.

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Hypothetically, if the Cubs were to trade for Stanton they would have covered a majority of the remaining $295 million on his contract according to 12UP. And it sounds like Epstein’s comments are hinting at them stock piling away now for next year’s free agent season.

It should also be mentioned that the Cubs are not chasing free agent Jake Arrieta who is demanding a huge contract in free agency this year.

Plus, we have some inside intel that says Harper has been into the Cubs for a while….

What do you think?

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