Here’s how you can get free online courses from TOP Illinois universities

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No matter where you are in life, there is always room for further education. But with the prohibitive costs of college and time constraints, not many people can afford this option.

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Going back to school can help people with not only career advancement and job security, but can increase one’s own sense of accomplishment and confidence in their work. And sometimes you just need to change courses entirely.

The advent of the Internet has increased the flow of information and dis-information to an unlimited extent. If you’re more curious about the former than the latter (which we hope you are), there are a bevy of free online courses and trial-runs for you to try out.

Thankfully, WGN has posted some with a local bend, in case there were any schools you were looking to try in-state such as Northwestern, University of Illinois, or the University of Chicago.

These courses range from business and economics to science and psychology as well as contemporary issues such as urban education and climate change. And with the ever changing media and technological landscape, it never hurts to learn a new skill in that department.

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Check out the full list on WGN’s website for seventeen courses that are currently accepting sign-ups and continue to expand your mind.

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