Here’s where you can find that cool frose drink you’ve been looking for all summer Big Jones

Chicago proudly hoists up strange food and drink combinations all year long, but last summer the frose took Chicagoans taste buds for a wild ride, and now there are a dozen locations to find the frozen cocktail drink. With frose on the menu, here are some of the places across the city you can find to go grab this cool, boozy drink.

Big Jones

Located at 5347 N. Clark Street, Big Jones is a Chicago favorite that brings a bit of the South to our Midwest home in the Windy City. Now serving the frozen bishop, a mulled wine made summery with rosé, roasted oranges, pineapple and rum, Big Jones is sure to be on everyone’s list of hot spots to grab a frose. Topped with lime, nutmeg and baking spices, this frozen concoction will tickle your tongue pink with pleasure as you take your taste buds on one wild ride.

The Sixth

Benjamin Schiller has been a name known for a good cocktail, and the Sixth is his Lincoln Square pride and joy located at 2200 W. Lawrence Ave. Now with a street-side patio, the Sixth offers a cool new view alongside their exclusive “Raspberry Frose.” The only place to get your hands on a “Raspberry Frose,” the Sixth makes their drink with dry Provençal rosé and house-made raspberry syrup to leave customers puckering for more after their first sip.


Lakeview is home to many things, and now it houses a place offering sweet treats and forse popsicles which put a bit of a twist on an already fun drink. Lakeview’s Wood, 3335 N. Halsted St.,  makes their delectable treats with a rosé wine base infused with strawberries leaving a fruity taste swimming in your mouth. Adding to the fun is that these are served only as popsicles, making an adult drink a fun kid-like snack to bring you back to your childhood summers in the city.



An Italian superstore and a fun place to wander aimlessly through, the first floor is home to the Cannoli Bar which is also serving up frose this summer. Eataly, 43 E. Ohio St., is a place to engulf yourself in culture, laughs and good, fun Italian snacks. Pairing the cannolis and granitas up with a frose drink is the perfect combination to send you merrily along after that bottle of olive oil you originally came in for.


If you’re looking for more stops on the list, check out this map made by Chicago Eater to find several other great locations serving up that hot new drink that will cool you down on a sticky Chicago day.

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