Located near the west side of town, Ukrainian Village is now offering the tight-knit feel of the old country right here at home.

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Starting at $1,325 per month, residents of Common Damen, as it’s known, will be able to live, sleep and play with their neighbors in the co-living space, which is part of a chain of community residences out of NYC.

Rent covers a furnished apartment, including a bed and couches, utilities, TV, internet, an in-unit washer/dryer, cleaning service and your very own RA (community leader) meant to organize community events, like yoga, dinners and book clubs.

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In an interview building developer David Herrera said he wanted to create a different vibe for renters:

“Renters are able to walk right in and have many of the things it could take years to establish — a place in a great neighborhood, access to their workplace and popular destinations, a core social network. For people who are mobile, professional, and have other priorities besides owning property, this is an ideal solution.”

Applying to live Common-ly is streamlined, with options for long- or shorter-term leases, and, as part of an interview with DNAinfo, building founder Brad Hargeaves said the vision for his building is simple:

“Really what we are doing is just taking this way of living and making it better, designing an experience for what people are already doing.”

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Bring your toothbrush and befuddled masses – it doesn’t get more millennial than this, you guys.

See you at the 2000 block of West Chicago Avenue!

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