If you’ve ever needed a whole smoked boar in the Windy City, look no further than Chicago’s Frontier

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Eat any delicious pork lately? Goat? Boar? Alligator? Were you lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of having a whole animal cooked and smoked?

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If not, this new video produced by Chicago Magazine is bound to leave any meat-eater salivating and typing the word “Frontier” into Google Maps.

The newest edition of the magazine’s YouTube video series features an interview with Brian Jupiter, the corporate executive chef of Pioneer Tavern Group, which includes not only Frontier in Wicker Park, but Lottie’s in Bucktown and the Pony in Lakeview, as well.

Frontier started out doing a couple whole animals a month, but things are so popular, they are currently smoking around 20 a week.

It takes about six hours to cook a 40 lb. boar. The chefs stuff it with garlic, rub in some seasoning and spices, inject the meat with a brine to make it a bit leaner and let things slow roast over apple and cherry woods at about 225 degrees.

Jupiter also mentions the craziest animal Frontier ever roasted whole, but you’ll have to see that for yourself in the video.

The short film is a way to catch a quick glimpse into the process of what goes on behind the scenes of cooking a full animal.

For more on this intricate process, you can read the full article in the July issue of Chicago Magazine.

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And for more on whole animal service, including salmon, ribs, duck, shrimp boil and more, check out Frontier’s website.

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