Adding to the list of fatalities, a third child died in connection with a devastating crash in unincorporated Beecher earlier this week.

Owen Schmidt, 6, was confirmed dead by family members as a result of the car crash, which also took the life of his pregnant mother.

The family endured two other deaths, when Owen’s brothers, 1-year-old Kaleb and 4-year-old Weston, were also pronounced dead.

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The tragic accident took place Monday morning when Lindsay, Owen’s 29-year-old mother, who was driving the car, was struck by a pickup truck.

Four deaths later, police are trying to determine weather or not the driver of the pickup truck should face charges, examining his phone to determine if he was texting at the time, according to WGN.

While the driver of the pickup truck remains unnamed, it is known he was taken to the hospital, as well, suffering from a fractured wrist, shoulder, ankle, bruised lungs and a lacerated arm.

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Amidst heartbreak, the Schmidt family is now in the process of trying to plan funerals for their lost loved ones and set up a donation fund at First Community Bank and Trust in Beecher and Peotone.

According to a family member, donations must be made directly to the bank at this time.

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