Dating apps first launched five years ago and totally revolutionized a basic human experience. But unless you are looking for farmers only or are a Christian looking to mingle, there can be a lot of randos to weed through before finding a decent date.

If you’re one of the many young, attractive professionals in the Windy City just looking for a person equally as interesting as you to share a drink with while enjoying the most awesome sunset in the country, we have the answer —  The Inner Circle.

Instead of wading through the treacherous waters of other dating apps, The Inner Circle makes sure you are a like minded guy or gal to join their platform. You won’t have to worry about matching with a bot or even having to deal with a match ghosting you.

The Inner Circle gives online dating whole new meaning, practically eliminating the problems of both online and “real life.” Every member is vetted, and you are strategically introduced to other members with similar background and interests as you.

Couple cheersing red wine. source: Shutterstock

One user, Nick, summed things up best in an interview:

“Imagine a party where everyone is not only extremely good looking, but everyone has a passion and excitement for life. You actually want to be holding a conversation with these people, for hours on end.”

The Inner Circle was initially launched in New York, and boasts a global membership of 550,000 members. It was only a matter of time before the successful, compelling singles of our young, professional community attracted the exclusive community.

After the vetting process, you will be introduced to other attractive, ambitious singles. You’ll have access to their selective dating network, exclusive events and the ability to meet new people at your favorite watering holes, both in Chicago and abroad (should you be the wanderlusting type.)

So if you’re tired of going home to your family and having your grandma ask if you have found “the one” yet, get to matching on The Inner Circle. What are you waiting for?!


Join The Inner Circle today.


The Inner Circle About the author:
The Inner Circle is a selective dating app that connects ambitious, like-minded people.
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