Hurricane Irma was unforgiving to many, including one woman who was able to escape Hurricane Irma by driving all the way from Florida to Oak Brook, IL, only to face another wave of problems…

Evie Lafferty had stored everything that was dear to her that she could fit into the SUV she used to drive up all the way to Chicago. Unfortunately, being in a different state didn’t make a difference – as her car was later stolen from a relative’s driveway.

Another vehicle was also taken from the community. Laferty’s daughter, as well as two granddaughters, live in Holiday, north of St. Petersburg, which is considered a flood zone in Florida.

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They arrived in Oak Brook late this past Saturday, driving a total of 48 hours in their now missing 2015 Dodge Journey with Tennessee license plates.

Though the family has lost precious photos and memorabilia, expensive electronics and important documents, the family is doing what families do best, and sticking through this tough time, together.

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Though the family’s Florida home is okay for now, they are currently afraid that their home may have sustained flood damage. As to their Dodge Journey, Oak Brook police report they are following some leads…

The Oak Brook Police also warn residents to take precautions with one’s vehicles, as there have been multiple vehicle break ins and thefts occurring around the area.

Irma evacuee who drove up to Chicago was robbed in Oak Brook Photo by Getty Images/ Marc Serota