Starting Nov. 7, the Chicago area’s largest supermarket chain, Jewel Osco, will offer same-day shipping on orders of $49 or more, according to official’s statement made on Wednesday.

According to Anthony Suggs, Jewel-Osco’s vice president for marketing and merchandising, delivery fees will depend on the size of the order, they can range anywhere from $0.95 to $9.95, the time of day and window of time for delivery. Customers won’t have to pay a fee for their first online order.

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Instead of following the trend of partnering up with a third party service, like their competitors Mariano’s and Meijer,, Jewel is handling order fulfillment and delivery itself — though Jewel shoppers will continue to have the option to use Instacart.

About 100 workers and 60 delivery trucks make up the company’s new e-commerce department, and they’ll put together the orders with goods supplied from 11 of Jewel-Osco’s 187 stores. Delivery will be available to most of the Chicago area.

It’s a return of sorts for Jewel-Osco to its 1899 origin, when horse-and-buggy drivers went door-to-door selling tea, Suggs said.

By 2025, online grocery shopping is projected to grow to 20 percent of all grocery spending, or $100 billion in annual sales, according to research from the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen earlier this year.

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Jewel-Osco also has stores downstate and near the Quad Cities, but the company is still working on setting up delivery in those areas.

Jewel Osco will now offer a grocery delivery service Flickr/Payton Chung
Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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