One of porn’s all-star players, Mia Khalifa, is now an upstanding, professional sports columnist who also has a thing for exposing pro athletes who try to slide into her DMs. As the great T-Swift once said, “The Players gonna play, play, play…”

Khalifa made waves in 2014-2015 as a groundbreaking webcam model but has since retired to hunt down and expose thirsty sports stars. Her latest victim? One of Chicago’s own, Cubs catcher, Willson Contreras. The Venezuelan 25-year-old reached out to let her know “he is a big fan”…

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She not surprisingly told him to get lost but he kept getting lost in her eyes, er, something like that, and couldn’t accept no for an answer. So like any strong, independent woman, she tweeted screenshots of the convo and it was awkward as heck.

In Contreras defense, he doesn’t come off as a troll but rather desperate and sad — as most who think that Facebook Messenger is the go-to spot for getting one laid. But the agency who represents Contreras migrated to the ole hacking excuse and everyone is embarrassed because when has a hacker ever said “it would just be great if you said hi” *shudder*.

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This isn’t the first, or certainly the last, Mia will be blasting pros on social media. Former all stars she hung out to dry include quarterback Chad Kelly, Sixer’s Joel Embiid and then there’s that random dude who decided Mia’s face tattooed on his leg would get him to score. Cue Ron Howard: “It didn’t.”

We will be anxiously awaiting the next player who dares step into Mia’s path…I am drawing some serious parallels to T-swift right now…

Former porn star outs Chicago Cubs player after his shameless attempts at sliding into her DMs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)