Kris Bryant gets ejected from Game 2 of Crosstown Classic
Twitter/Kris Bryant

While Kris Bryant is usually calm, cool, and collected, fans saw a different side to the Cubs’ player on Tuesday’s game against the White Sox.

During game 2 of the Crosstown Classic, Bryant not only took a pitch to the knee, but was also tossed from his first career game.

According to WGN, while up to bat after the knee-hit, the ump called a strike, but Kris wasn’t having it.

Check out he moment below:

As you can tell, Cubs fans had his back during the moment. So did Twitter, with reporters stating it was a “terrible call” and “you can’t blame him” for being angry.

The Cubs won the game, making the series 1-1 as they head to Guaranteed Rate Field tonight and tomorrow.

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