Famous ‘Lakeshore Drive’ band member rumors leaving ashes to lake

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Videos by Rare

A member of the band Aliotta Haynes and Jeremiah which produced the local favorite song “Lake Shore Drive” – Skip Haynes – has died.

According to WBBM radio on Thursday – they reported that “that there’s talk of” the musician’s ashes being spread on Lake Shore Drive. A business partner of Haynes – Dana Walden – said “I don’t know if it’s appropriate that we say anything about that.”

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The longtime resident of Los Angles, Haynes, 70, gave iconic homage to Chicago’s lakefront highway in 1971.

“The song is about a Friday night cruise from the clubs on State street (Beaver’s to be exact) shooting the loop at Foster and returning to Beaver’s just in time for the second show to begin. That is the gist of it. Drugs (not LSD) were involved,” he once said in an interview. The band was reportedly formed in Old Town.

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An old family friend, Jeffery Felshman, writing in the Reader in 1992 – said while the song isn’t about drugs – for a time Haynes “lived the rock-and-roll lifestyle; writing and singing about getting high, he usually was high when he wrote and sang about getting high.”

“The band had already been playing clubs in Chicago for a couple of years when Skip wrote ‘Lake Shore Drive,’ according to Feldman. “It was after a 4 a.m. ride with Arthur Belkind, the group’s manager. Skip wrote down their conversation, set it to music, and played it for Belkind over the phone the following day.”

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