Local burger chain opens up a “shake counter” at this one exclusive location

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Summer may be over, but considering the recent heat-waves, a chill and tasty milkshake may not sound so bad throughout the end of the year.

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Local chain Epic Burger just opened a “shake counter” exclusively at their Lincoln Park location (1000 W North Ave.). While all locations have shakes already, this location will be the only one to serve these specialty 12-ounce vanilla based shakes.

DNA Info has the dish about what you can expect at the counter. There will be five flavors: strawberry shortcake, lemon coconut, nutella, gimme s’mores and coffee & doughnuts. All will sell for $6.99.

If that price seems steep, remember that Epic Burger is known for using all natural and sustainable ingredients. In a recent interview with Forbes, Epic Burger founder David Friedman describes what “all natural” means.

“No food coloring, nitrates, phosphates or preservatives. Antibiotic and hormone free. We go  a step further and certify that our meat is humanely raised. Also we use all plant-based packaging, including our utensils and straws, and our shakes are made with organic milk.”

The company was founded in 2008 by Friedman who attended the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in the foodservice industry for 25 years. The chain has since grown to eight locations, six of which are downtown and two are in the suburbs.

From the company’s website:

“Epic Burger’s big idea is to offer more people an opportunity to eat non-processed, all natural food at a reasonable price. At the same time we would like to stimulate thought around how food is raised, grown, transported, processed and packaged. We feel that the more people can increase their food IQ the better for their health and happiness, as well as the health of our planet.”

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The company’s slogan is “A More Mindful Burger.” Along with competitors like Shake Shack and Five Guys, Epic Burger is trying to redefine what society thinks of as a fast-food or fast-casual burgers.

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