After being pushed onto the Blur Line tracks by a stranger, 46-year-old Ben Benedict escaped the dangerous situation only with the help of another passerby.

The seemingly random attack occurred Aug. 1 in the Blue Line’s  Washington Street subway station, according to DNAinfo. A CTA representative called the attack an isolated incident in a statement.

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Benedict was standing in the station minding his own business when a stranger approached him, shoving him onto the tracks without saying a word, Chicago Police Department spokesman Officer Michael Carroll told DNAinfo. Benedict said he and his attacker were the only two on the platform when he was pushed onto the tracks.

Luckily, when Benedict crashed onto the tracks, he missed the electrified third rail which could have potentially killed him on impact. Upon falling, he looked up at his attacker and attempted to get back onto the platform, but the man pushed his hands away and then left the scene. Fearing for his life, Benedict began yelling to draw attention to himself and a crowd gathered around to help Benedict back onto the platform.

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Police began investigating the incident the following day with the attacker being described as a white 30- to 35-year-old man with a medium build, sandy brown beard, mustache and hair, according to DNAinfo.

Man shoved onto Blue Line tracks by a stranger — his story is harrowing AP Photo/Andrew A. Nelles, File
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