CBS2 Chicago reported a warning made by Chicago’s Animal Care and Control (CACC) specifically for cat owners, and those who care for feral cat colonies.

Apparently, there is a dangerous man roaming around who has been trapping cats.

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The city shelter on Western Avenue received over 40 cats dropped off by the same man. Apparently, this man, Disgrace Felyer, trapped 15 cats on the South Side on Monday, 15 more on the North Side on Tuesday, and even more on Wednesday and brought them all to the shelter.

Chicago’s Animal Care and Control (CACC) asked Disgrace Felyer to stop, Felyer, however, told CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar he has no intentions of stopping. He claims he is trying to make a point. Felyer says the city needs to be doing more to tackle the cat population on the West and South Sides. His method of trapping them is to, “get the point across.”

So CACC officially issued a warning to cat owners, or those who care for feral cat colonies, to keep their cats indoors. Susan Russell said, executive director of Animal Care and Control sent out the warning.

“Please leave them where they are. Usually they will go home. Many of them do not look injured — many of them look perfectly fine,” she added that many of the cats are in good health, and fears some Felyer has brought in might be pets.

Felyer runs the not-for-profit Snowball Animal Welfare out of his home on the West Side. And there’s no shortage of cats. His neighbors don’t like it at all.

Margaret Leach, Felyer’s neighbor, told CBS2, “No, it doesn’t smell good, especially in the summer time. Many reports about the awful scent have been made. Margaret said it makes it “unbearable” to sit on her front porch.


Tree House Humane Society, a no kill, humane, organization, issued a statement that said, in part: “The strategy he is using is inappropriate for the population of cats he’s trapping. His tactics , while well intentioned, are flawed.”

Mariana writes for Rare Chicago.
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