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Last week, we asked you if Mancow Muller was good for Chicago or not, and boy y’all delivered.

If you don’t know who this mysterious man-cow is, let us catch you up to speed. Mancow [or Erich] is best known for his Chicago based syndicated radio show, Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, The Mancow Radio Experience and most recently, The Mancow Show on The Loop 97.9 FM Chicago’s Rock Station.

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Mancow is a point of controversy and has a history of clashing with the Federal Communications Commission.

But what do *you* think of him?

Manuel Aldana commented on our Facebook query saying, “He’s the only one who can make me laugh… I’ve been listening to him for 20 years – he’s for men especially blue collars workers tough type men. All the soft men and woman won’t like him, they’re too sensitive to listen to him.”

“Didn’t know he was still on. Never liked him. He was just a Howard Stern wanna be.” Richard DeWitt commented matter of factly.

While Es Mitz came to Mancow’s defense, sorta. “He used to be more entertaining to listen to with different segments he had going on like when he went to that forest where satanic rituals were done. Or when he had his cast do wierd crazy s**t for the show. Now its a little boring but i still listen everyday for a chuckle or 2.”

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“I met him several years ago and he was an arrogant jerk, I can’t believe he’s still on the radio. He sucks.” Bob Bruno said, standing his ground.

But Kirk Carter hit the nail on the head when he commented: “Funny all you haters dont have a radio show! If you can make it on the radio for over twenty years obviously he is doing something right! Get your own pod cast haters and get bigger than him. Or just stick to your day job and shut it.”

Decide for yourself if you are a Mancow fan or nay, then comment your thoughts, here.

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