Brand new McDonald’s headquarters have McDonald’s on ground level McDonalds

At 1035 W. Randolph Street, the new McDonald’s headquarters finally is opening a McDonald’s on the ground floor. The first-floor construction that cost three million-dollars was issued a building permit yesterday, according to the Eater.

According to the most recent report by the Chicago Tribune, the headquarters is being built at Oprah Winfrey’s old Harpo Studios in West Town and will employ 2,000 new McDonald’s Headquarters employees when finished.

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Announced in August, the developing company Sterling Bay obtained a permit to work on a 12-story boutique office development or ‘vendor village’ that will add to the McDonald’s Headquarters, according to the Eater.

Hopes are running high for the vintage replica restaurant in Des Plaines at 400 Lee Street that potentially could be torn down at any time now, according to the publication.

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According to the Eater, the Des Plaines replica has not been operating in 33 years, but did serve as the first walk-up location before it was flooded.

A spokeswoman said anything of historical value will be taken from the location before it’s demolished, according to the publication.

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