Meanwhile, starting next week — pet custody will be a thing

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Videos by Rare

Divorces are not fun for either party involved – especially if there are kiddos involved.

And according to a WGN report, a new Illinois law regarding custody is coming our way next year.

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But it doesn’t exactly involve kids, per se.

Starting next year – a.k.a next week – couples who are calling it quits and who cannot agree on who gets to keep the pet — will have a judge decide who is the better pet owner, according to the news outlet.


WGN reports that animal rights attorneys say the judge will look at who does the day to day caretaking of the pet such as feeding, walks and vaccinations.

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Surprisingly, Illinois was not the first to pass the bill.

Earlier in the year, Alaska was the first state in the country with this type of law.

So calling out all couples: if you’re in the doghouse, best to get out or you may be shacking up shop minus one doggo.

What do you think?

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