A one-of-a-kind organization has given 1,000 dogs in Chicago a new leash on a life.

Court Case Dogs, founded in 2010, helps dogs reach “their fullest potential,” instead of the grim alternative.

“It wasn’t long ago that Chicagoland animals seized from neglectful or criminally charged owners were viewed solely as evidence. They were rescued, but then languished in a cage until their owners’ court cases concluded,” the organization shared.

“Unlike their owners, these dogs did the time, but not the crime. After they satisfied their evidentiary role, typically they were euthanized.”

Court Case Dogs gives these dogs another chance, and recently rescued their 1,000th dog. They’re throwing a party to celebrate, and you’re invited.

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“Please join us to celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of 1,000 dogs going through our Court Case Dog program and being placed with our hard-working rescue partners and adopted to wonderful families,” the organization shared online.

The organization is active on social media, where they share rescue stories and encouragement.

Court Case Dogs is a program in the organization Safe Humane, which has a mission to make Chicago a model for safe, humane communities.

Meet the organization saving dogs from the crimes of their owners Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images