Meteor spotted across Illinois, causes magnitude 2 earthquake AP Photo/Petar Petrov
AP Photo/Petar Petrov)

You weren’t crazy, you DID see with your own eyes something from outer space last night.

On Tuesday night, the United States Geological Survey confirmed that many spotted a meteor in the Chicago area skies, according to abc7.

It happened at around 7:10 p.m. according to USGS and abc7 and it also caused a magnitude 2 earthquake.


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According to the news outlet, the American Meteor Society received close to 200 reports of a “fireball meteor” seen over Illinois along with other states.

Those in Michicagn, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Pennslyvania also reported seeing the meteor, according to the news outlet.

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Most took to social media [naturally] after hearing and seeing what they described as well – a meteor in the sky!

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