Metra hikes fare, wants public’s opinion on pricing structure Rare Media File
Rare Media File

It’s not just the CTA who is hiking up fares, but Metra as well.

According to a WGN report, one-way tickets will increase by a quarter across all zones, 10-Ride tickets will increase anywhere from $4.25-$7.75 depending on the zone while monthly passes increase from $9-$12.50 depending on the particular zone. Weekend Passes will increase from $8 to $10.

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And it’s not just the fares that are shifting – Metra is considering changing its fare structure as well as the types of tickets it offers, according to the news outlet. Metra is starting a series of open houses to gather rider feedback regarding the potential shift.

According to WGN, these option include: offering discounts for riding during non-rush hour times, redefining Zone A to only cover the six downtown stations, capping fares for trips over 45 miles and making the charges from zone to zone consistent.

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Across the area, there will be additional meetings to discuss Metra’s fare structure future, according to the news outlet.

For more information on open house locations, times as well as fare increases, click here.

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