Mother and daughter concussed after tree falls on them in Bucktown


Due to Saturday’s high winds and rain, a tree was uprooted at Oakley and McLean avenues in Bucktown that toppled on two women who both suffered concussions as well as cuts and bruises.

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“We were happy it was not one of the kids. It could have been much worse had we of been in a different spot,” a Bucktown resident and mom of two – Emily Vyncke – who said she and her mom were injured by the tree around 6 p.m.

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Emily and her mom – Claudia Jacobs – who was visiting from Boston for the weekend were walking at the back of a group of 12 that included four children.

“We were going home from Irazu, where we had our son’s fourth birthday and did a group birthday dinner. We were walking down Oakley Avenue and had just walked through the crosswalk [at McLean]. We looked up. I thought I saw the tree falling on us. It came right down on our heads,” Vyncke recalled.

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She added, “Luckily, we were last, and the kids were up ahead with my husband and brother-in-law. We both got knocked out.”

The two spent 24 hours in Stroger Hospital, suffering concussions.

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