The mother of the victim from Wednesday’s North Lawndale shooting broke away from the crowd gathered at the scene, screaming as the rain poured down on the streets her son had been shot in.

Following the shooting, which took place on the West Side, a man who was left in critical condition died shortly after being brought to the hospital, according to police.

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At around 12:50 p.m., shots rang out in the 3100 block of West Fillmore Street where a 25-year-old man received multiple gunshot wounds to his body. The man, identified as Robert Warren, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and was pronounced dead at 1:01 p.m., according to the Chicago Tribune.

When investigators arrived at the scene of the incident, they focused their attention on the alley north of Fillmore Street where they were able to find shell casings and the victim. Upon his discovering, Warren was bleeding out and rushed to the hospital, leaving relatives who showed up at the crime scene to wonder if he was alive.

“Why?” Warren’s mother hysterically cried, according to the Tribune. “I need him.”

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Police confirmed Warren was shot several times all over his body, including a particularly brutal gunshot wound to the head. No one is in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

Outside the hospital where he was taken, Warren’s friends and loved ones gathers in the pouring rain awaiting the news. When they found out he did not survive the shooting, the cries of pain were heard louder than the thunder that rang out that day.

Mother devastated after her son dies from a shooting in the West Side AP Photo/John Minchillo
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