Motorist pulls over to call cops after seeing “Enormous” snow penis Photo by Ken Stewart/Getty Images

After the most recent winter storm left six inches of snow in Downers Grove, a relic of sorts was left by one “creative” mind.

According to the Downers Grove Patch, on Wednesday, police were called to a home in the 4800 block of Saratoga Ave. after a motorist reported seeing a “tall snow sculpture” that “mimicked the male sex organ,” according to police.

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The caller described the snow sculpture as “enormous,” police said.

Responding to the call was an officer who arrived at the scene, finding the snow sculpture which was “constructed of snow and ice,” and was described by the officer as “approximately 10 to 15 feet tall” in the police report.

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The resident cooperated and agreed to take down the sculpture, according to police. The next day when police returned – they confirmed that the sculpture had been destroyed.

Apparently, according to residents on social media with a lot of time on their hands reported the two men using scaffolding to build the sculpture.