Museum dedicated to public housing to live in former Chicago project

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In the year 2000, Chicago set foot to tackle a huge feat: rebuild new communities by knocking down high-rises and overhauling all public housing but residents were not about it.

According to a Fast Company report, residents did not want to lose their homes or the communities they had invested in over the years but as the goal continued on, people decided on a new one…to save just one building that told their stories while preserving local history.

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The news outlet reports that on the city’s Near West Side in Little Italy, in 2019 – The National Public Housing Museum will open in a building that was a part of a New Deal development built in the 1930s as the very first federal housing project in Chicago.

This museum has been planned since the year 2007 and was inspired by the Tenement Museum in New York, where the museum recreates public housing experiences from years ago, according to Fast Company. At the new museum, patrons will view three different apartments that will be restored based on oral history of three families who lived there at different times.

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The museum will also touch on current debates regarding affordable housing as well as issues on gentrification, violence in crimes and the continuation of racial segregation in galleries in other parts of the building, according to the news outlet. The goal of the new space is to unite artists as well as scholars with the those who are most susceptible to housing policy as well as talking about how the future of that policy can be changed.

With zoning changes and dealing with local politics, along with the restoring of a decomposed space that has been abandoned for years — it will be a while before the museum opens. In the interim, the organization has been hosting a series of events at another location according to the news outlet.

To view what the museum will look like, click here.

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